Wrought Iron Gate

Your Four-Point Guide to Wrought Iron Gate Maintenance

Wrought iron gates are well equipped to last for several years. But improper maintenance and poor handling may cause them to get worn out and damaged over time. Poor maintenance habits may create even bigger problems, which can result in expensive repairs.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can extend their longevity and maintain their classic appearance. Here are some tips for making sure that your wrought iron gates in Beverly Hills will last you a long time.

Look for signs of deterioration

Any sign of corrosion or deterioration is not always apparent when you look at it. However, several signs can indicate that problems are starting to transpire. A few of these signs are uneven surfaces, rust-colored staining and oily residue. You should also be cautious about any blistering paint that may start to appear, as this is a sign that the metal underneath the paintwork is corroding.

Remove plants nearby

Plant growth is also an indication that there is water present near your wrought iron. Exposure to this can accelerate the corrosion, and eventually deterioration, of your gates. So, remove any vines, grass or weeds that might be growing around or even onto the fence. Next, check if there is any trapped water near the iron fence and remove it.

Check for missing hardware

Once you have removed all the plants nearby, you can now check for any missing fasteners or hardware. You can find the replacement parts from any local hardware shop to repair it.

Repaint it

iron gate

You need to clean and prepare the surface before you apply a fresh coat of paint. Doing so will help ensure that the layer of paint will adhere properly to the iron. Moreover, it will also improve its effectiveness against rust.

Depending on the severity of the corrosion, it is okay to spot paint specific areas of your fence. You can start by feathering the edges of the existing paint using sandpaper and then apply a coat of paint over the exposed metal.

You need to let the layer of paint dry before you apply the next one. Doing so will prevent the top coats from being damaged by the vaporization of solvents coming from the undercoat. It is best to do the paint job during summer so that it will dry out quickly.

Meanwhile, you need to be mindful of choosing the right paint for your project. Ensure that it is compatible with the fence’s ironwork as well as its existing paint layers so you will not have a problem blending it in. To do so, you need to refer to the paint manufacturer’s guidelines for more details.

These are only a few of the things that you need to learn about properly maintaining your wrought iron fence. If you feel like it is already deteriorating at a fast pace and is beyond your control, reach out to a professional about it. Properly maintaining your fence will ensure that it will last in your property for several more years.