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Why You Need a Granny Flat in Your Property

Due to the convenience of government policy reviews, the building frenzy of granny flats in Australia is in demand. Whether you want a detached or attached self-contained living area to boost the value of your property, hiring professional builders of granny flats is a good idea.

Here are the things that you must realize in building an additional structure on the grounds of your property:

Granny Flat Helps You Gain Extra Income

The population in Australia is continuously increasing; the lack of affordable housing is also snowballing. The property prices soar across the country. Housing affordability is driving the need for granny flats. It’s the type of structure with increasing popularity in the nation. You can maximize this chance to provide accommodation for those who are looking for a considerable space to stay in.

You Can Have an Artist’s Studio

Do you know that you can use your garage space to build extra accommodation? You can do a practical solution if one of the family members has a passion for arts. Self-Contained accommodation is a perfect place to serve as an artist’s studio. As long as the area provides comfort and a good view of nature, any painter who stays in the structure can come up with a brilliant masterpiece.

A Granny Flat is a Lifetime Investment

In-law suite is a good investment. As the population increases, the cost of a mortgage also goes higher. Having an additional self-contained living space in your property is a lifetime investment that serves a safe place where your nannies, visitors, young adult family members, and elders can stay.

A Way for Family Members to Live Closer Together

Having a separate lodging for your relatives is a good idea. It is an excellent solution to let your family members live close together. If you want to save money rather than relying on a nursing home, building a granny flat near your house can help you take care of your aging parents adequately.

Getting Council Approval for a Granny Suite is Quick

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When you plan to create a granny suite in your property in Australia, you can conveniently do so because getting approval from the council won’t take that long. When it comes to legalities, the permit to create an accessory accommodation in your property typically takes only ten days. After all the required criteria are met and you received the consent from the council, the next step is to find the nearest builder.

Proper planning and building are critical to accomplishing your requirements in the property. Take note that one of the requirements to have an accessory accommodation in your property is that you must have at least a 450 m2 block of land, and the ideal size of the granny suite is 60 m2.

A granny flat is an ideal investment that you must make, as it is a charming addition to your home and the trend is set to continue. Letting the family members live close together promotes healthy relationships and brings an enjoyable life and dynamic experiences to everyone.

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