Where to Look for Job Applicants for Your Company

Job applicants can pretty much make a career tailored to their preferences. With job titles that did not exist in the past, it’s impossible to define where opportunities end. It’s all good on paper, but overlapping positions make it hard for companies to find the staff they need. One particular job can go with several names, and each applicant may not be seeing everything because they only know one job title.

To help companies find the employees they need, they should look at these three portals:

Staffing Companies

Each company specializes in an industry or field; for staffing companies, their specialization is providing the right employees for the right companies. They have a database of applicants and a set of client companies who may be looking for a specific job title or who have general labor job openings. Depending on the needs of your company, they send you a list of possible applicants and can even handle the pre-screening for you. Because they deal with thousands of resumes at any given day, they might come across a qualified applicant who is not aware of the opportunity you’re offering and have not been able to apply on their own.

Trade Shows and Job Fairs

When you need people who are knowledgeable in a certain area, you want to concentrate your efforts on job fairs and trade shows catering to that particular industry. Of course, there are job fairs where representatives from all kinds of companies go to find applicants, but if you want to weed out those who have advanced knowledge of the industry, look for a targeted job fair or trade show.

job and trade fair

Here, you meet not just applicants, but other experts in the field, as well. They might not be looking for a job at the moment, but it’s good to connect with them for future endeavors and possible job employment in your company. When you meet someone with the expertise you need, you wouldn’t want to lose them in a sea of applications.

Social Media

Job applicants these days don’t just go out to meet prospective employees in a job consortium. They also use whatever means available at home to land a job. If they’re an avid user of a social media platform, they might advertise their skills there. Facebook, for instance, has groups for freelancers and independent contractors. Company representatives may post their available positions in these groups, so those interested can check them out with ease. Instagram is a platform more geared towards those in the creative field, as they can easily showcase their skills without needing lengthy paragraphs to explain what they can do. LinkedIn is another platform where job applicants and companies can connect for free. It’s like viewing the resume of applicants and having a link to their friend list at the same time.

When hiring for an important job, you want only the best candidates. They might be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Use a combination of platforms to find the employee you’re looking for.

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