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What You Can Expect From a Reiki Session

Reiki is a healing technique that lets the therapist channel energy into the patient through physical touch. It’s a natural healing process that helps restore the patient’s physical and emotional well-being. But what can you expect in a regular Reiki session?

The best way to get its full effect is when you get brief moments of touch from a Reiki-trained practitioner. Most specialists need to undergo Reika level 2 training to become a professional practitioner. With this said, we’ll help you understand what to expect in an entire session that you’ll receive from a professional through a series of questions.

What Is a Reiki Healer?

Not everyone can call themselves a Reiki healer. They should be able to complete a series of courses before they can become a professional Reiki practitioner. The International Association of Reiki Professionals says a few Reiki Healers even choose to move forward with their education to become Reiki master teachers. In that way, they can teach others the goal as well as the teaching to become a practitioner themselves.

To ensure that you’ll have a great experience, it’s best to take the time to find someone whom you feel comfortable with and who meets your standards. Look for someone who knows the process and can explain to you how the session will go.

What Is the Right Setting?

A quiet area where you won’t be disturbed is the best place to have your session. There are a couple of spaces where you can freely meditate without any interference from other people. You can also ask professional Reiki practitioners to know if they have any experience in creating a conducive space for the session.

Most practitioners often play soft music during their session to mask any noise. However, you can always let them know if you prefer a quiet ambience instead.

What Does a Regular Session Consist Of?

A regular session often starts with a fully clothed client who’s either lying on a treatment table or sitting in a chair. The practitioner usually offers Reiki through a light, non-invasive touch with their hands placed.

They also hold on a few areas of the head as well as the front and back of the client’s torso. Their hands shouldn’t be too intrusive and shouldn’t have any pressure. The practitioner can also hold the client’s hands off the body if it’s needed.

What Will You Experience?

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You feel very refreshed after the treatment, enabling you to think clearly. Although the experience of Reiki may vary from one person to the other, they often experience heat in the Reiki practitioner’s hands. Various common experiences are mild pulsations where the practitioner placed their hands.

Reiki has a cumulative effect. So, people may not notice the difference during their first session. However, it often progresses as they carry on. That’s why it’s best to continue with your treatment to experience its full effects. You can go on a retreat so you can relax and unwind while you go through a holistic healing process.

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