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What to Do When Moving Cross-Country with Your Pets

Moving to another state is already difficult, and doing it with your pets in tow makes it even more challenging. So, before you head out the door to another state and the people helping you with removals and storage in Sydney get to your doorstep, it is best to have a solid plan for bringing your pets with you on this journey.

Be calm

Living with a dog or a cat for several years has made you aware that animals can easily sense if you are stressed. And when you are stressed, that could stress them out, too. Take note of that when you are moving out of your old home.

Relocating to a new house and a new neighbourhood can be stressful, but it is important that you do not show this to your pets if you want your trip to be as peaceful as possible. If you are in the process of storing and moving your stuff into a truck, take your pets to a day care centre.

This way, they will not have to experience the hassles of packing up all your stuff. When you are ready to drive off to your new home, pick up your pets and let the whole trip be as peaceful as it can be.

Make sure they are healthy

Another important tip to remember when moving to another state with your pets is to ensure that they are in good health, particularly on the day of your relocation. Go to your veterinarian and have your pet checked because driving to another state with a sick puppy or feverish cat will only aggravate your journey.

Let them acclimatise to the kennel

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One way to ensure that the whole trip will go smoothly is to let your pets get used to staying inside the kennel. Do not use the kennel right before you drive to your next destination. Use it days before you are scheduled to leave your old home.

Letting your pets acclimatise to the kennel will prevent them from stressing out when they have to stay inside that cage for several hours. Also, to help them get used to the kennel, give them treats after letting them stay inside it for long periods prior to your relocation.

Make lots of stops

When you are on your way to your new home, it is important to remember that your pets are not as capable as you are when it comes to driving long distances. For them, the constant motion can be disarming and the myriad of smells and sights they encounter while on the road can be stressful.

So, give them a breather now and then. After covering a hundred kilometres, find someplace to stop for a few minutes and let your pets stretch their legs and take in the new scenery.

Moving to another state with your pets can be challenging. But as long as you take the necessary preparations and precautions for them, you can make this journey hassle-free as possible for both you and your furry best friends.