Home curb with plants

Top Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If the first impression lasts, then extra attention should be given to your home’s curb appeal. Improving the curb appeal is one of the surest ways to give your house an extravagant makeover without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to do this.

Get some help from plants

There’s nothing like some greens and blooms to add appeal to any space. First, you have to check out your front yard and consider what will work well with your property. You can go for potted plants or a small garden. Even a simple window box will do if you have limited space. Then, head over to garden centers in MN and choose suitable plants for this project.

Spruce up the front door

Your front door is one of the few parts of your house that people will instantly notice. So you can either go for ordinary or stand out with brightly painted doors. To make your door even more unique and exceptional, you can install an eye-catching doorknob and artistic-looking doorknocker.

Upgrade your old mailbox

One of the easiest and least expensive ways you can do to improve the curb appeal is to do away with that outdated mailbox and house number plate that look like things from another century. A mailbox can set you back for as low as $20, and a simple house number plaque shouldn’t cost more than $10. Although if your budget allows for it, a $100 plaque would be well worth the investment, considering that it will be on your home for years to come.

Embellish the porch

You can make the porch area even more inviting than it already is. You can add a swing, for instance. Aside from its obvious appeal, it gives you a good place to relax. Your choice of furniture would matter greatly as well. Go for pieces that complement the color and design of your house. And lastly, porch curtains pack some charm, too.

Make the most out of lights

Front yard lights

Lights make your front yard landscape even more mesmerizing. You don’t even have to go through the trouble of having an electrician install them for you. With solar-powered lights, you get instant illumination in your yard and walkway without the wiring. Aside from their inherent beauty, lights add some level of security in your property.

Add decorative fences

Decorative fences or arbors enhance the aesthetics of your front yard or garden. And you don’t even have to go overly crazy over it in terms of labor and cost, as there are prefabricated and easy-to-build kits that you can work on to give your property an extra boost of charm.

Go for outdoor fixtures

Additional fixtures like wind chimes, birdbaths, sculptures and fountains can give a dash of glamour in your yard. Just make sure that you choose pieces that complement your home’s design and landscape.

Sprucing up your home’s curb appeal goes a long way in improving your property’s value. So it not only makes sense from an aesthetic perspective, but it’s also good economics for you to put a lot of consideration into this project.