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The World’s Most Romantic Wedding Locations

The day you’ll finally say “yes” brings mix emotions – the happiness of finally marrying the man or woman of your dreams and the pressure of having to undergo series of wedding planning in the next days.

Couples who have already tied the knot might say that marriage is really not a game of playing around things when things get worse and tiresome. Part of being married is the acceptance of responsibility and accountability of everything and of each other.

That is why planning a wedding shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having the best wedding planner in Vail is also a great help to navigate through the planning phase of your dream wedding.

Part of the planning process is finding the best location for the wedding ceremony and reception. Many couples would want it near or around their locality but some are loving the idea of tying the knot abroad – to the top tourist destinations in the world.

For those lovebirds who want to travel the world while marrying the man or woman of their dreams, you can level up the romantic vibe as this guide will round up the most romantic wedding locations in the world.

1.    Rome


Rome has witnessed so many events that are written and not written in papers. It has witnessed so much and stood the test of time. Being wed in Rome is among the dreams of many couples across the globe.

The place is not only known for picturesque world-class locations but also for the timeless world heritages that have been a significant facet of history. Tie the knot in Rome and create the most romantic experience of being newlywed couples.

2.    Portugal

Love may not be perfect but the feeling of being loved and loving someone is amazing. In Portugal, huge and timeless castles are all over the city, giving you the feels of enchantment. Be your own kind of Cinderella and experience a new level of romance while tying the knot on the top couple’s destination in the world.

3.    Sicily

Sicily might not be one of the most prominent wedding destinations, but little did the world know that it, too, hides the most romantic wedding location for those who want a beach ceremony. It is situated near the Mediterranean sea. With many beaches and pristine waters, Sicily is one of a kind. Make the most of your dream beach wedding in this wonderful location.

4.    Vail, Colorado

Have you ever imagined exchanging vows in a mountain? If so, hopping into an adventurous wedding location like the Vail Mountain is worth considering. In the mountain lies a big deck that gives you the sense of being tied with nature, too. It gives you and your guests an atmosphere filled with the clean and fresh air of the West. Adventurous couples can fulfil their desire of being wed in the place where you have a glance of the city of Vails’s mountain pride.

Tying the knot in one of the most beautiful places in the world is a great experience. It would definitely be a momentous occasion to remember for the rest of your life.

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