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The Safety, Efficiency, and Longevity of Your Garage Door

The quintessential American home has a garage door that often serves as one of the main entrances of a house. Overhead doors work in a straightforward manner. Some doors move up and down in one piece. Others roll up in sections. The main operating mechanism is a spring, which drives the power that moves the door. It moves on tracks on the walls. It is typical to use remote-controlled garage doors in many Salt Lake City homes. If you want to know which one suits you, here’s more information you need to understand these door systems:

The Counterbalance System

The springs are the key drivers of the mechanism, and the door you use every day would be one of two types. The first is an extension spring system. Closing the door stretches the springs while opening it uses the stored energy in the spring. At the center of the more common type of mechanism is the torsion spring system. The horizontal spring atop the door unwinds to lift the door. Both systems have a safety mechanism, and while they can be useful for many years, the springs have an expected lifespan beyond which there is a risk for dysfunction.

Garage Door Drives

Worker installing the car garage openerThere are three options to choose from—belt, chain, and screw. The costliest but quietest option is the belt. High-quality belts are made from Kevlar polymer. The chain drive is the veteran of the lot and looks like a bike chain at first glance. It is the loudest and will make its presence known when the door opens. Lastly, the screw, which sits at the middle in terms of price and noise production, is effective for its purpose but wears out the quickest because of the mechanical arrangement.

When a Door Stops Working

A garage door may not show signs of an impending breakdown and stop functioning one day, usually after 13,000 closures. It may be showing signs of decline for the past few weeks, and without intervention, eventually breaks down. In some instances, minor repairs are required when the drive systems and rollers fail or lose a component.

Preventive Maintenance

A good quality overhead door would cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Any sensible homeowner would make an effort to do some maintenance. Keeping the garage door in top shape assures its continuous operation. Lubricating the moving parts should be part of a routine to make sure the garage door is working admirably. For the torsion spring to reach its natural lifespan of about 10,000 cycles, it must be periodically checked.

When a vehicle hits the garage door inadvertently, call a professional in your area to inspect the damage, if any. Even if there are no clear or obvious indications of physical damage, it is still advisable for garage door repair technicians to check its status.

It is crucial to you, as owner and operator, to make sure the garage door works properly and is safe to use. Doing regular maintenance and repairs, if needed, will help your garage door last longer.

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