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The Many Health Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

Most people’s lifestyle now revolves around lounging in front of the television, scrolling up and down while fidgeting with their phone and eating a large bag of potato chips. Everyone seems to enjoy this kind of life because it’s easier and more fun (as some would say). However, this sedentary life increases a person’s risk to numerous health issues. Yes, you are still young, you can even manage it, but your adult self will probably scold you for it.

If you want to be active but you find walking around the neighborhood lame, you discover that gym memberships are pricey and other fitness tasks are mundane as they can be, maybe you need to find a sport or an activity that will get your body working and your adrenaline pumping! Perhaps what you need is to enroll yourself in a Mixed Martial Arts Class for beginners.

You scratch your head, and a thousand thoughts rumble into your head like, “What would I gain from being violent and beating other people’s lights out?” But there are many health benefits you’ll gain. Plus, you can improve your morale, sportsmanship, discipline and confidence. But before you buy new workout gear and MMA mouthguard, here are some things you need to know.

Physical Workout From Head to Toe

Mixed martial arts uses the art of effectively coordinating your arms, your feet, and torso in defending yourself against attackers (with emphasis on protecting). Thus, each session will focus on at least one major portion of the body at once. Your flexibility, stamina, strength, and agility will be addressed gradually. Once mastered, all of these aspects are brought together and put to the test.

A Step Towards Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Your body naturally reacts to workouts by releasing toxins through sweat and other bodily functions. Within an hour of intense workout (such as MMA), a thousand calories are burned. At the same time, your body will be regulating itself in terms of eating patterns and cravings. Eventually, it will result in fewer feasting sessions that lead to obesity.

Improved Overall Cardiovascular Health

carduivascular health

Funny how they say that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In human anatomy, the heart becomes strong when it is stressed and regularly put to the test. Physically-demanding activities like MMA, Zumba, and other cardio-focused exercises make your heart work twice as harder than before, making it stronger than ever. But you should not overdo it. Consistency and increasing physical stress make your heart stronger in time. This doesn’t happen overnight.

Ideal for Losing Weight

There are a lot of weight-loss programs out there. But, if you’re the type of person who wants to take it to extreme proportions, go ahead, slay it! An hour of moderate-intensity workout burns a maximum of 500 calories per day.

Improved Reflexes and Alertness

A martial artist will naturally develop agility skills and quick reflexes. They know that all of these are essential for survival, and if the response is slow, the consequences can be huge. Reflexes and improved reaction time makes a person think and respond to a sudden occurrence quickly and accordingly. Think about how much you need this skill when you are driving.

Increased Self-Confidence and Discipline

This isn’t about an iron-clad control from a sensei. It’s how you discipline yourself into making sure you have the right form and structure to execute an action without flaw. Martial arts is more than a combative stance; it’s like a dance, an art. Failure to straighten out your elbows will greatly affect your punch. Also, this physical task makes you feel good inside and outside, resulting in a delightful sense of confidence that shines in an enchanting manner. When you feel good about yourself, that goodness radiates to others.

Better Mood

Some people need an outlet of aggression for pent-up energy and frustrations, and what better way to unleash them than join an MMA class. When people are idle and have nothing to use as a distraction for their negative emotions, they tend to be irritable, demanding, pushy and worse, aggressive.

All of these health benefits may be enough to push you out of that couch and wiggle around a bit. But, if MMA’s a tad extreme for you, you can always find other physical activities that suit you and your lifestyle. As long as you move those bums and get them working, that’s a good start.

If MMA’s the path for you, consult your physician first and purchase necessary safety gear like a personally-fitted MMA mouth guard, work-out clothes, knee caps, and other items to lessen the risks of physical injury.

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