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The Best Fishing Boat Might Be a Pontoon

There is no better place to fish than the Great Lakes of Michigan. While regular fishing boats have been the traditional choice, newer and more customizable pontoon boats are now taking over the lakes. What makes pontoon boats so accessible, and are they suited for fishing?

A More Comfortable Trip

If you’re a beginner or you’re trying to get your family and friends into fishing, making them comfortable on the boat should be on the top of your list. A fishing trip in the Great Lakes can be a memorable experience, but you won’t have people clamoring for another journey if the trip wasn’t comfortable. For most people, fishing is about relaxing and not about getting the biggest (or most) fish. A pontoon boat might not be as fast or as suited for rough waters and weather as a typical fishing boat, but the ride is more comfortable. You can also customize your pontoon boat to make your fishing trip more comfortable. Roofing for UV protection, portable toilets, barbeque grills — you can configure your pontoon boat however you wish.

A Better Investment

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You won’t get your money’s worth off your boat if you’re only using it once or twice a year. A Pontoon boat is more than just a fishing boat. Its comfortable design and layout make it suited for more social-oriented trips. Take some of your friends for a round of wakeboarding or tubing, play cards on the lake with the family, or have a barbeque with your officemates. The layout of a pontoon allows you to bring in more people and the smoother ride will enable you to do whatever activities you want.

Setups for More Serious Fishermen

If you’re serious about fishing, you can customize your pontoon boat towards that goal. Start with a tri-toon or a pontoon with three hulls. A tri-toon rests high on the water, allowing your boat to reach higher speeds. The middle tube also distributes your boat’s weight more evenly and stabilizes it. Tri-toons can speed through rougher waters at 30-35 miles per hour — not as fast as fishing boats but fast enough for a weekend fishing trip. Customize your boat for fishing, making sure to add corner seats and fishing rod slots/holders. The bigger weight capacity of a tri-toon allows you to bring family or friends on your trip. They can lounge about and do their thing as the more serious fishermen tend to their lines. Add depth finder and fish finder options, and you’re ready to go. A fishing boat allows you to get serious when you’re feeling competitive and enables you to spend relaxing afternoons when you want to get in the water.

In the end, the layout and stability of pontoon boats make them a more comfortable option. They’re the best of both worlds as you can get as serious or as relaxed as you want in your fishing trips. Throw weekend fishing parties or just parties. If you have friends and family, pontoon boats are the best.

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