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Take a Sci-fi Trip to Nevada

The web is abuzz with talks of storming Area 51 to get to the aliens. While this is a bad idea (and a felony), there are sites and activities in Nevada that can still give you that sci-fi feels — without the threat of incarceration.

Delve into Alien Landscapes

Nevada is full of scenic destinations that are out of this world. Go spelunking in the Lehman Caves and delve deep into an underworld environment that’s certainly alien in most standards. The cave is filled with stalactites, stalagmites, bodies of water, and many other alien-like formations. These caves were shaped over millions of years by underground streams, and there are stories of a short blue-bearded man guarding the premises. If you’re a bit claustrophobic, take a trip to the Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert. The Fly Geyser is a weird alien-like structure that was started by humans and eventually developed by nature. What began as a human-made well transformed into a strange sight as calcium carbonate deposits shooting up the geyser over the years built this massive blob/lava-like structure.

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Gaze at the Stars

Take a ride on the Extraterrestrial Highway and head over to the town called Rachel. Formerly called Sandy, Rachel is the closest town to Area 51. It’s also called the UFO capital of the world, and it has no shortage of UFO enthusiasts. The city capitalizes on its reputation with alien-themed hotels, diners, and tons of UFO and alien memorabilia. The locals have a wealth of stories about UFOs and cooky UFO hunters. If you want to see the stars and look for UFOs yourself, there’s no better place than the Tonopah desert. Far from artificial city lights, stargazing in the desert allows you to see thousands of stars. If the moon is out, you might even catch a glimpse of the center of the Milky Way.

Go Back in Time

Take a trip back in time and visit the Wild West through one of the largest historic districts in the U.S. Virginia City is an authentic Wild West town filled with haunted hotels and old-style saloons. Late August will also be the start of the week-long Burning Man event in Gerlach (also in the Black Desert). The event is similar to the hippy gatherings in the 70s — if the Earth was visited or invaded by aliens. If going back in time is not your cup of tea, how about reversing time and getting 10 years younger? Nevada has some of the best scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment centers, and these centers can give you back the appearance of youth in just one weekend. SMP can conceal and mask hair loss even if you’ve gone completely bald. The treatment is safe and doesn’t involve surgery or artificial attachments that can lead to embarrassing situations.

Once again, don’t even think of participating in Storming Area 51. You can get your fix of aliens and time travel a different way: having the time of your life and not getting detained or having your memories wiped.

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