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Ready for Winter: Top Ways to Make Your Carport Ready for the Colder Months

Carports are considered the second most valuable addition you can have in your home. It provides the necessary protection for your vehicle against harmful elements. These are also excellent spots for cleaning out your home interior or washing your car in the summer. Compared to the cost of building a brand new garage, carports are reasonably priced and come in a great variety of styles.

By adding more roof area towards the end, you can expand your carport depending on your budget and requirements. Some well-designed carports in Sunshine Coast and other places can even be transformed into an enclosed garage should you need it.

The winter season will soon be arriving in Australia, which means you’ll need to improve your vehicle protection. If you can’t have a garage, you can build a metal carport instead, as long as you have enough space for it. The important thing is to make sure it’s set up properly to achieve the desired results. Here’s how to do it right:

Pick the right style

If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months, you need to be extra careful when choosing your carport design. Stay away from flat-roof style carports, as these allow snow to collect on the roof, causing it to collapse. Look for a style that allows snow to easily slide off. Some recommendations include rounded and pitched roof styles.

But for areas that experience snowfall that’s heavier than usual, go for a barn style carport as it lets the snow slide off faster. The roof also has enough support to handle heavy loads in case of ice formations.

Invest in gutters


For areas with wet winters, getting gutters for your carport is highly recommended. If you have these, you won’t have to worry about getting wet as you walk to your car, as the gutters will route the water away. There are gutter kits available that you can add to your carport. Just like regular gutters, the ones on your carport will also need regular cleaning to work properly. To make cleaning more hassle-free, consider installing leaf guards.

Use a roof rake

If snow does collect on the roof, you’ll have to get rid of it immediately. Carports are usually very sturdy, but it may also collapse due to excessive weight. This is something you would certainly want to avoid if your vehicle is parked underneath. Thankfully, roof rakes are affordable. With these, you can easily remove any snow that gets collected on the roof. You can also use these for your home’s roof.

Install an enclosure kit

Lastly, consider getting an enclosure kit to complete your entire carport. This kit allows you to have ventilated sides on your carport. With this system, the cold wind will not blow drifts under your carport. Fortunately, this doesn’t require a lot of work. You don’t have to install enclosure panels on all the available sides of your carport. You only need this added protection on the wind-exposed side.

By following all these simple steps, you’ll be able to make your carport ready for the cold weather. Just don’t forget to get a carport from a trusted manufacturer and ask for professional help when it comes to installation.

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