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Not Investing in Grounds Care Service? Here’s Why You Might be Hurting Your Profits

It’s easy to see why a lot of people invest in lawn care for their residential properties. Many homeowners make time and effort, even spending some amount of money, to beautify their lawns. After all, who doesn’t want fresh grass, colorful flowers, a nice patio, and a weed-free lawn? Grounds care and landscaping are common in households.

But, what do they mean for businesses?

Commercial grounds mean a great deal for companies. Your company’s turf is an extension of your office, and therefore, a representation of your brand. Due to this, if you’re taking your lawn for granted, chances are you’re missing out on a valuable investment. Whether your company is a big business in California or a startup in Greenwood, IN, commercial landscaping services bring benefits and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Here are possible ways you may be hurting your business’ bottom line if you don’t invest in commercial grounds care:

Turning Off Possible Customers

They say it isn’t right to judge a book by its cover (or an individual by his attire). In the world of business, however, appearances – logos, ads, and even the office facade – say a lot about what customers can expect from a company. When customers are standing in front of a commercial property, ready to transact business, things like dead grass, broken branches, debris, and inefficient light fixtures littering the front lawn could give them that critical moment of hesitation. For instance, a restaurant that serves a delicious meal but has dusty, unclean windows may lead customers into wondering about the sanitation practices of the establishment.

Wasting Resources

Your irrigation system is part of your lawn. As such, the system should also be a part of your landscaping maintenance plan. A faulty irrigation system can lead to a host of other costly problems. One, when your irrigation isn’t working as expected, your lawn is either over hydrated or dehydrated, both of which are unhealthy for your grass and plants. Two, you may not be aware that you’re wasting money on water bills. Improper sprinkler pressure, for instance, is a big waste of water.

If you don’t invest in professional commercial landscaping services, you might also be taking your trees for granted. Well-maintained trees don’t only keep your property aesthetically appealing, but they also help prevent possible injuries (from broken branches) and lawn damage (from root upheaval).

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Risking Personal Injury Claims

Imagine if a passerby trips on a broken part of the sidewalk in your property and injures himself. For him, this could mean physical pain. But for you, as a property owner, this could mean a lawsuit. If a person – client, employee, or passer-by – gets injured within your premises, you may be liable for their medical bills and other damages (e.g., loss of income due to absences due to injuries).  To avoid it, your landscape maintenance plan must ensure the safety of your entire turf. You should have the following inspected:

  • Unpruned deadwood
  • Falling tree limbs
  • Overgrown tree branches
  • Trip and stair hazards
  • Unkempt tree roots
  • Cracked sidewalk slab
  • Heaving pavement
  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Icy paths during the winter
  • Ruts or holes on the lawn surface

Like your office space, your commercial property’s lawn is a significant investment. And you can maximize this asset through maintenance with the help of professional lawn care service providers. Otherwise, you might just be turning this valuable space into a liability.