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Never ‘Outside the Box’: Is Your Office Killing Your Team’s Creativity?

There are a few things at work that can quickly turn off your employees’ creativity: not enough resources, stringent processes, absence of recognition, etc. But the worst killer of innovation is, would you believe — your very workplace. Because the truth is, people’s ability to think of fresh, new ideas get easily affected by their surroundings, what they see, what they hear, what they feel. So if you’re serious about promoting innovation in your business, then you should ask yourself always if your workplace makes or breaks your team’s creativity.

Back to the Basics

What sets innovative companies from the rest in the industry is a strong sense of purpose. When everyone in your team understands well their purpose for work, they’re all the more engaged in their tasks, committed to producing quality results. Unfortunately, a company’s mission-vision and core values are just a bunch of words plastered on their website, mentioned a few times in corporate gatherings, never to be lived and believed. What many don’t realize is that the walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings, and fixtures in their office can be avenues for putting forward the corporate purpose. If your workplace design is void of the things you stand for as an organization, there’s not much inspiration, or reminders, at the very least, for employees to work hard towards thinking outside the box.

This all boils down to committing to going back to your core and bringing your brand alive in your space. Use your logo colors in your walls, furniture, and fixture. Introduce interesting architectural elements that will symbolize your commitment to excellence, integrity, leadership and all the other core values your organization has. Or, you may also opt for installation art in your reception area or communal spaces. Update it now and then so employees will have fresh reminders of their purpose for work. Do note that you’ll have to consult with building managers if you’re doing some remodelling projects. If you’re still searching for space though, look for office units for rent in Ortigas Center and you may find your next home in it.

Diversity and Collaboration

It’s not just the lack of branding and purpose that renders employees less innovative. When there are not enough different spaces in the office, people don’t have that much flexibility and freedom in approaching work. This can affect the creative process, as well. Additionally, if you lack areas that accommodate collaboration, then it will be hard for team members to draw out ideas from each other, facilitate meaningful discussions, and improve insights. You miss an opportunity for a collective Eureka moment.

It’s then crucial to create flexible spaces in your office fit for different types of work. It’s already a given that employees should have their private workstations to allow an uninterrupted concentration on tasks. It’s also important to have communal spaces, like brainstorming rooms or huddle rooms where team members can spontaneously gather in small groups for projects. Don’t neglect bigger social areas, too. Think about where you hold your town hall meetings and learning sessions. If you can dedicate a space for wide staircases that can be used as seating, that will be a good collaboration hub.

Office Designed for Creativity

Modern Office Design

Look around your current workspace. Does it spur creativity, making employees more engaged at work or does it leave them constrained and restricted? Don’t miss your team’s creative potential because of slip-ups in your office design.

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