Modules Included in a Key Account Management Course

Most companies have several clients who are vital to their venture’s success. Ensuring you maintain a good relationship with these valued clients is a paramount element to your business’ continued profits.

Key account managers whose primary task will be facilitating the best relationship with these clients are hence an essential part of all modern organizations. A key account management course is essential for employees who handle this task.

This course focuses on the development of productive and successful client relationships. It delves deeper than your average customer care management course into how your business can foster and build these relationships beyond occasional sales pitches.

The course’s introduction covers the elements which constitute a key account and how to assess their value to your company’s operations. The following are a few modules covered in this crucial course after the introduction.

Building Profitable Relationships

One of the learning outcomes of this module is the identification of decision makers and influencers in your industry. You will then learn how to use them to get the best result of out of your relationship with a client.

The areas covered here include the making of the best first impression on your key clients, the principles of a beneficial business relationship and how to talk to the right people in your industry.

Writing Effective Proposals

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Getting a client to sign up for your products and services is no easy feat. This module will help you understand how to use some key templates and prompts when writing a proposal to clients. This way, you will know how you can accurately and clearly outline how the investment will benefit the customer.

The topics covered here are the important aspects to consider in your proposal, how to construct it and the ways of putting all the information together to convey your intended message.

Managing Customer Expectations

Dealing with a disgruntled customer requires tact more so when they think your product or service is not delivering what you promised. The module on managing customer expectations deals with how you can understand what your clients desire and set realistic expectations that you can accomplish. It also tackles ways of handling unrealistic expectations from your clients without losing them to your competitor.

Negotiation Tactics

Most companies settle for less than their products and services are worth in the pursuit of a key account since they badly want it. The negotiation tactics module in key account management training will teach you how to open negotiations and the points to consider in optimal negotiation. It also covers the problems associated with positional bargaining and how to apply reverse psychology in your negotiation process to guarantee an optimal outcome.

One of the primary benefits of a key account management course is that it is short and sometimes the entire course takes a day. This means your employees do not need to take a long break to spend their time in classes covering the modules above and others.

Some trainers also offer on-site courses for a specific number of students. A key account management course is essential for all current account managers, managers, senior marketing staff and customer-focused departmental heads among other relevant employees.

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