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Modern Living for Better Homes: Storage Ideas You Can Use

Even the best designed and well-furnished homes will not look as appealing as they should if there is a lot of clutter. These days space is at a premium, and living spaces are getting smaller.  People are now opting for minimalism and space-saving furniture.

As such, you cannot install all the drawers, wardrobes, and other storage furniture you would want to and still have enough floor space. Thankfully, there are now several storage options for your new home or building structure. These innovative solutions will not eat into your available floor space and will keep your area looking pristine.

A shoe cabinet is only one of the many solutions available in Singapore-based stores for homeowners and construction experts looking to maximise indoor storage. Thankfully, most of these solutions are inexpensive and can be added to existing construction. Here are some of the innovative storage solutions for different rooms.


You can install an appliance lift under your kitchen countertops right into the cabinets. These lifts can be pushed in and out of the cabinets for the placement of various appliances that are not used often. This way, you have more counter space. Pans can be stored cleverly using slide-out racks installed under your countertops; you can have a dish-drying rack directly over the sink. Thin rather than thick shelves are your best choice to maximise your pantry’s storage.


Most bathrooms have one shower curtain rod. You can add an extra one to your bathroom where you can place hooks for hanging towels. The hooks can also hold shower products when handy pockets are included. A magnetic strip around your bathroom’s walls can be used to hold your pin and tweezers among other metallic grooming products. This keeps your sink clutter-free and minimises the risk of losing these small yet essential items.


The space on your drawers and dressers should be kept as clutter-free as possible to promote the relaxing atmosphere that forms the basis of bedrooms. You can have a picture ledge installed on the space behind or next to your bed to hold your glasses and phones. The spaces behind full-length mirrors can have hooks for the storage of jewellery while ottomans with detachable tops will suffice for extra storage and seating space. Display your shoes like works of art and install small shelves along your wall in different patterns to hold them.

The Children’s Rooms

two kids playing in their room

Pegboards on one wall in your children’s room will suffice for the storage of odd-shaped toys. Labelled dressers and drawers can be used for the storage of clothes for different days of the week or occasions, making it easier for your kids to dress themselves. Installing shallow shelves behind the door also provides the much-needed space for the storage of books and stuffed toys.

With these solutions, the clutter in your room will be minimised, and your home will be transformed into the organised home you’ve always wanted. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but will reduce the loss of different items in your home and boost its value. The storage solutions available these days are not just meant for homes. There are also several in-built storage alternatives guaranteed to transform your office, industrial and warehouse space.

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