AC Unit

Mistakes You Might Be Doing with Your AC Unit

Air conditioners are essential at home and in the workplace. They help maintain the right temperature in your room and improve air quality by removing all the dust and dirt particles. This is really beneficial for people with allergies. However, our AC units are often neglected and abused due to some mistakes that we hardly notice. If you’re looking for experts in air conditioning, there are various service providers in Largo. To enjoy your AC unit more and prolong its life, here are some air conditioning mistakes that you should avoid:

Not replacing the AC filter

AC filters remove dirt, dust, allergens, and all kinds of pollutants to improve the quality of the air that circulates in your home. If your filter is filled with dust, the dirt blocks the air flow and the evaporator coil freezes. Consequently, the unit cannot function well. Moreover, a dirty filter could increase your power bill from five percent to 15 percent and shorten the system’s lifespan. It is best to replace your AC filter after six months. In addition, check your filter after home projects such as renovation or remodelling activities.

Ignoring fins and coils

Fins and evaporator coils let heat to pass from the refrigerant into the air, while condenser coils absorb the heat inside the house. Volumes of dust can block this two-way process. Not checking on your coils can affect the system’s efficiency and increase your power consumption. Make sure to keep your coils and fins clear. Clean your AC unit before the hot season and after stormy or windy days.

Setting the thermostat too low

Some people think that turning the thermostat very low will make the AC respond faster and cut on your AC bill. Contrary to that, your AC functions just the same whether you lower the temperature by one degree or 20 degrees. It is the time and settings that make the difference. Program your thermostat to the setting that automatically shifts temperature throughout the day. This will help you save money and experience a cooler air.

Turning the AC when nobody is home


When nobody is home, don’t set the AC to low temperature. Instead, raise the temperature to save on power bill. Do the same thing when everyone is asleep at night.

Cooling empty rooms

If AC vents are open in every room, you are cooling all the rooms, including those that are not functional or unoccupied. Those barely used rooms are absorbing the cold air while depriving the ones that are functional. Make sure to close the AC vents leading to the unoccupied rooms.

Neglecting windows

Heat enters through the windows. To control the heat that gets in your house, close your windows, especially during warm days. In addition, close blinds and curtains to prevent the sun’s rays from entering. At night, open all windows to allow natural air. For greater air circulation during summer, turn your ceiling fans counterclockwise.

Not inspecting your drain

Drains are passageways for water to go outside the house. If they get clogged, it can lead to overflowing moisture in the surrounding walls and floor. Check your drain regularly to make sure that no dirt or particles are blocking its way out.

To continue enjoying the comfort your AC unit gives you, avoid the mistakes mentioned above. When it breaks down, don’t hesitate to have it replaced or repaired. Check your directory for assistance.