children in school

Leftist Ideology Has No Space in Schools

Young minds are easily manipulated, and Leftist ideology has become prevalent in colleges, high schools, and even preschools. However, Arizona has made a stand forbidding any political indoctrination in its schools.

Children and Gender Issues

Twenty percent of millennials identify as LGBTQ. If that statistic is accurate, those numbers are high enough to cause the demise of a nation, especially with declining birth rates. Experts believe that this phenomenon is caused in part by indoctrination and partly because of the popularity of the trend; it’s merely cooler to identify as bisexual or non-binary than to be an oppressive cis-gender male or female. Children are especially vulnerable to dictates and pressures in school through their peers or even teachers. They are impulsive and prone to manipulation — subtle or otherwise. Neurologically, the part of their brain that processes rational thought won’t be fully developed until they’re 25, so entertaining the whims of a 7-year old or even a 12-year old kid about being LGBTQ or transgender is simply illogical. Parents are opting to send their children to Christian preschools to avoid confusing their young and vulnerable minds, but avoiding the LGBTQ agenda is all but impossible.

Capitalism Is Bad, but Communism Is Good

college students taking exam

Almost every college graduate ends up a socialist or at least sees socialism in a good light. This isn’t surprising as 67 percent of sociologists are outright supporters of Marxist ideologies. You would expect universities to be bastions of free thought and the exchange of ideas, but only Leftist opinions are represented. Less than 2 percent of college professors are Conservative — almost zero in the liberal arts departments. Colleges are now espousing socialist ideals and are becoming hostile to Conservative voices. Conservative speakers in college campuses are met with protest and sometimes violence, prompting school officials to capitulate to Leftist pressure and bar them from speaking. Discourse has been shut down, as even college professors believe that disagreement with the Left is considered hate speech and should be met with violence. The far Left Antifa, considered a domestic terrorist group by both the FBI and DHS, counts university professors among its ranks.

Not in Arizona

What’s happening all over the U.S. won’t happen in Arizona. Schools in Phoenix and the rest of the state are forbidden by law to espouse LGBTQ or political ideals. Republican Congresswoman Kelly Townsend is taking it to another level by proposing a bill that would bar teachers from even expressing their political ideology or religious belief within the confines of the classroom. This move is widely perceived as a response to Red for Ed, an assembly of teachers who openly espouse socialist ideology. The group was responsible for a state-wide walk-out of 20,000 teachers.

The Leftist and Socialist machinery is working full-time to capture the minds of your children. While their grasp might not be as firm in Arizona, it is still in your children’s best interest to scrutinize their schools and ensure that they will not be influenced or manipulated by teachers with hidden agendas.