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Is It Possible to Build Your Resilience When Facing a Chronic Disease?

There are times when things do not happen the way we want it to. For some, the process of acceptance is easy. However, others find the process complicated and seemingly impossible. Having a serious illness and experiencing traumatic events are something that people can encounter at one point in their lives. Most people react to such events with feelings of doubt and insecurity. Although most people will adapt as the years pass, some tend to develop their resiliency much faster than others.

Developing resilience in the face of a chronic disease

Resilience is an adaption to various stress that a person experience. When faced with a chronic disease, most people tend to feel stressed about it as it threatens the person’s physical, mental, and social well-being. They also face new situations that require new resistance strategies so that they can get past those difficult situations. Resilience may vary from one person to another. It is their unique way of dealing with specific threats to preserve their mental health. Not everyone can demonstrate the same level of resilience in all events and situations in life. A person may be more resilient on one occasion than on another.

Building your resilience

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Building your resilience amidst all the problems that you are encountering does not mean that you will never be fearful or worried again. However, becoming more resilient can help you keep your emotions in check as you go through the difficult times. To help you develop your resilience while under palliative care in Indiana, for instance, you must first find meaning in adversity. Instead of wondering why you are experiencing such a chronic problem, you should thank life for another day that you have. Finding meaning from all your questions will help you develop a stronger personality.

Ways you can become resilient

Although it can be difficult, choosing to be optimistic can help you with building your resilience. Focus on your positive thoughts. You can infuse them into all the good things that are happening to you as well as the beautiful things that you should look forward to in the future. Change is permanent. Therefore, try to accept change no matter how unfortunate it may be. Use it to explore your strength for you to grow. You need to focus on your goals instead of your problems.

Another way to strengthen your resilience is by connecting with other people. Remember that feelings can be contagious. Connecting with people with a positive outlook will help you develop positive thoughts. It can also help lift your moods and improve your health. Always keep an open mind, and do not stay in one approach. Look for other ways to help you accomplish your goals.

Going through a severe health problem is a tough situation. It will be hard, but always try your best to stay on top of things. Remember that all emotions are valid. Allow yourself to experience these emotions so that you can learn how to build your shield from them.

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