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How to Take Better Care of Your Skin This Summer

With itty-bitty bathing suits and skimpy clothes all the rage this summer, it’s difficult to conceal flaws such as dry, flaky skin. Generally speaking, though, summer is better for your skin than cold weather. But that is if you know how to care for your skin since summer can still wreak havoc on you, particularly if you live in an area where it’s dry and extra humid.

Below are common dry skin culprits during the summer and what you can do about them.

Exposure to the Mighty Sun

While the sun’s rays can be good, too much of it could do a number on your skin. This is especially true if you have fair skin and get sunburns easily. When this happens, you’re left with dry, peeling skin that’s warm to touch. Not to mention the increased risk of skin cancer.

To prevent your skin from drying out, limit your sun exposure, slather on some sunscreen and reapply for every two hours at least, wear protective clothing, and have a lip balm with SPF 20 or higher.


The main issue with shaving is that when it’s done incorrectly, it could irritate the skin and lead to ingrown hairs. Safeguard your skin when you shave by always using a new blade and not shaving too close to your skin, especially on sensitive areas.

Opt for shaving gels or creams with moisturizing ingredients and shave in the direction of your hair growth. You should also follow up with a soothing balm such as the Aftershave Balm from Kedma Skincare Philippines. This luxurious balm is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin F, and sun filters that help prevent premature aging and dehydration. It also contains aloe vera extract for soothing itchiness, inflammation, and razor burns.

Swimming and Bathing


While it may seem contradictory that water can cause your skin to dry out, particularly because humidity appears to help dry skin, very hot and very cold water can strip off your skin’s natural oils. Likewise, chlorine, a common chemical used for cleaning pools could suck out moisture from your skin.

The easiest way to protect your skin from drying out due to chlorine is to avoid it whenever possible. Rinse it off thoroughly using lukewarm water and a moisturizing body wash. If you’re a swimmer, consider trying out products that can neutralize the chemical and protect your skin while in a chlorinated pool.

Harsh Solvents and Cleansers

Plenty of chemicals in solvents and repellents in gardening could be irritating, making your skin feel itchy and dry. Natural oils and moisturizers in your skin can also be stripped away with harsh alcohol-based cleansers. With that said, choose gentle cleansers that have moisturizing ingredients when cleansing your face and your body.

Air Conditioning

Refrain from turning on your air conditioner to full blast. Wear loose clothing and use a fan instead. The reason for this is that your air conditioning unit sucks humidity from the air, which in turn causes dry skin.

Lastly, keep in mind that as hot as you might be feeling, you still need to moisturize during the summer. Just switch to a lighter moisturizer. If your dry skin becomes significantly inflamed, painful, or itchy, visit a dermatologist as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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