Mother walking children to school

How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of Daycare

As a parent, preparing your toddler for their first day at daycare is challenging. You may feel apprehensive about how your child will adapt to such a massive change in their everyday routine. It’s even likely that you’ll go through a bit of separation anxiety, too.

But preparing your child for an early learning childcare centre in Metford shouldn’t be difficult. Although feeling uneasy during their first day is normal, you shouldn’t fret. Children often adapt faster than we can anticipate. Toddlers are especially curious and willing to explore, so interacting with other kids is a new experience they’re willing to undergo.

To help your child with the process, you can do the following things to make it easy for both of you.

Bring them something from home

You can bring something familiar during the first few trips to daycare. Doing so will make it much easier for them to adjust and the object would also provide comfort during the early days. says that bringing anything that can remind them of their home will comfort them when they feel stressed.

Visit the daycare centre a day before

You should visit the daycare centre with your child ahead of time. suggests that visiting in advance can give your child a sense of security as she becomes familiar with her new environment. Ensure to let children explore the place on their own.

Also, check if the daycare has a shadow day before the official start of the school year. Having one is an excellent way for both parents and children to have an idea of what it feels like once the school year begins.

Talk to your child

Mother talking to daughter

Talking to your child is a great way to set their expectations on how daycare will be once the classes start. Telling them about what’s going to happen to them throughout the day will give them a sense of familiarity. It’s also a great way to say to them that everything will be all right.

You can tell them about it again once the daycare starts to give them a continued reassurance. Also, telling your child a story about going to daycare can be a great option, too. It will provide them with an idea of how the classroom will feel like once the classes start.

Create a checklist

Everyone who’s gone through the first day of daycare knows that it’s a struggle to remember to pack all the essential things in the morning. So, it’s best to prepare a checklist and place all the things you need on the night before, so you won’t miss anything when the day begins.

You can make your child’s first day less chaotic by ensuring that everything is well-prepared the night before the start of class. You can also make your child less anxious by showing how comfortable you are in the daycare environment. If you can, spend a few minutes before saying goodbye. Doing so will ensure that your child will have a good time learning in pre-school.