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Here’s Why You Need Moisturising and Deep Conditioners

If your hair is dry, frizzy flat and seems like it has a life of its own, shampooing may not be enough to tame it. Shampoo removes oils and grime from your hair, but it will not be able to restore the lost nutrients in your strands and make them sleek and smooth.

That job is best left to hair conditioners, which come in various types and formulations. Conditioners are used after you have finished shampooing your hair. However, there are some variations that are used only once or twice a week. The luxury line of hair conditioners include ones that do not need to be rinsed out after application. Take a look at some of them.

Moisturising Conditioner

Moisturising conditioners help breathe life into dry and lifeless hair. They contain natural humectants, which simply mean ingredients that deliver hydration and nutrients to the skin and hair. The natural ones are safe for everyday use and add volume, body and shine to the hair.

Among the ingredients that are great at delivering moisture are aloe vera, honey, hyaluronic acid and glycerine. The last two may sound like chemical ingredients, but they are not. Hyaluronic acid and glycerine are already present in the body.

  • Aloe vera. This is a plant highly prised for its therapeutic benefits. Besides treating skin problems and sunburns, aloe vera is also great for the hair because it hydrates quickly and deeply.
  • Honey. This is said to be the perfect humectant because of its natural ability to lock in moisture, making it easier for the skin and hair to absorb moisturising elements.
  • Hyaluronic acid. This also has a natural ability to keep water and helps the skin and hair adjust to humidity levels. This, in turn, helps the hair stay hydrated even during hot and damp days.
  • Glycerine. This can be found inside living cells and is easily absorbed by the skin. Besides being able to absorb water, it can draw water content from the air. It helps makes hair smooth and shiny.

Deep Conditioners and Hot Oil Treatments

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Deep conditioning is necessary to treat hair damage due to frequent styling and colouring. Deep conditioners pump moisture as well as vitamins and nutrients, including amino acids and hydrolysed proteins, to the hair cuticles. They are left for some time so the hair shaft can absorb them and the hair can receive its much-needed vitamin boost.

Hot oil treatments count as deep conditioners. They replace or patch areas that have little or no protein left. The oils used are rich in fatty acids, which are also called emollients, which help soften the hair and add elasticity. The heat helps the oils get absorbed by the hair fully. Among the popular oils used for deep conditioning treatments are argan oil and jojoba oil.

You can use deep conditioners once a week, depending on how much styling your hair gets. Blow-drying and hair irons can make the hair dry and brittle, and deep hair treatments are needed more often. If not, you can get a hot oil treatment from a salon once a month.

Keratin treatments are also very popular and are said to be very effective in restoring shine and body to the hair. Just remember to use a conditioner regularly to moisturise your hair, the deep conditioners and other luxury treatments can be done as often as your hair needs it.

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