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Going Green: Why You Should Have a Greenhouse

Gardening is a very fulfilling and wonderful hobby. If you want to take it up a notch, consider gardening inside a greenhouse. It may seem like a luxury to some, but having a greenhouse has plenty of benefits that outweigh the potential cost, including these.

Fresh and healthy produce

You can grow anything inside a greenhouse, even your own food. Unlike your typical yard, an enclosed greenhouse protects plants from troublesome insects and animals that could eat or trample them to the ground. You may not even need to use pesticides or other chemicals to protect your plants. Come harvest time, you will have fresh and healthy food for you and your family.

Garden all year long

The gardening season for most places is typically in the spring and summer. By autumn and winter, the days are colder and shorter, and much of plant life grows dormant.

With a greenhouse, you will be able to enjoy gardening all throughout the year, even in the winter. The temperature inside this structure does not drastically vary even as the seasons change. It traps sunlight and heat within, keeping plants nourished and blooming even in the coldest days. It can also relieve your stress and act as an oasis when everything outside is under a thick blanket of whiteness.

Protect plants from adverse weather

woman caring for her plants in her greenhouse

Plants are affected by extremeweather conditions. By growing them inside a protected structure, you are protecting your plants from the adverse effects of any weather. Whether it gets too cold or too hot, too dry or flooded, too rainy or too windy, the greenhouse remains an ideal environment. It also allows them to last longer and produce more food.

The greenhouse protects you from weather conditions, as well. Even if it is snowing or raining, you can still tend to your crops.

Customisable garden design

Like pergolas and gazebos, you can choose a beautiful greenhouse design to perfectly suit your landscape. There are many options for greenhouse materials. The structure can be made of wood or steel, with glass, fiberglass or polycarbonate panels. You can even build it yourself and customise it to accommodate the plants and equipment you plan to put inside. Your greenhouse can be a useful place that also adds great visual appeal to your outdoor area.

Save and earn money

Since you are growing your own produce in the greenhouse all year, you will be spending less at the market or grocery. If the operation of your greenhouse grows large and successful enough, you can even sell the surplus in your locale. Try selling in a nearby farmer’s market or put them up online. Your business will be especially welcome in winter when fresh vegetables and fruits are more difficult to come by.

Improve your health

Gardening is not just an excellent way to relieve stress, it is also a good exercise that is proven to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases. It is also a great therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Eating fresh food and being able to decide how it was grown has its own health benefits, as well. With a greenhouse, you can enjoy the health benefits of gardening in any season.

If you enjoy gardening, a greenhouse can be a valuable investment. It lets you tend to plants safely in any weather or season. And when you are feeling blue, a greenhouse can be a safe, peaceful and happy place just for you.

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