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Going for a Greenhouse: A Guide for Gardeners

Owning a custom luxury greenhouse may be the ultimate dream for many gardening enthusiasts. After all, having one means you can enjoy your hobby throughout the year. You’ll have a warm, sunny area where you can garden to the heart’s content and have a selection of tropical plants that will thrive even in winter.

While these may seem like a gardening fantasy, these also come with a huge responsibility. Forgetting to heat your plants and seedlings even for just one night can be the end of everything. A greenhouse requires several things to operate properly.

These include water and heat sources, benches, electricity, and venting – and these are just the basics. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before getting one built.

The Size

To truly enjoy the benefits of owning a greenhouse, make sure to get the biggest one you can afford that will fit perfectly into your yard. No matter the size of conservatory you choose to start with, you’ll eventually fill it soon. It’s more cost-efficient and more comfortable to go with a large greenhouse right away instead of expanding a smaller one.

The Source of Heat


Greenhouses are all about the heat, so you have to make sure yours has a sufficient source. Otherwise, you’re only gardening in winter. There are different heating units you can choose from: gas, electric, propane, and natural gas. These all work effectively, but you may have to be careful about the costs.

Your final choice will depend on whether you’re ready to have lines laid or if there are available sources in your area. Each comes with some pros and cons. For example, while electric may be the most convenient and won’t require venting, it isn’t recommended for places that get a lot of storms every year.

This is because if the storm affects your electricity, your plants could be a goner.

The Right Siding or Glazing Materials

Your choice of greenhouse siding should be among your top priorities as this will have a significant impact on both the costs and efficiency for many years. There has been a lot of more heat efficient greenhouse options developed in recent years, which are also designed to provide better insulation.

You can choose between glass and a type of plastic: fiberglass, polyethylene film or polycarbonate. Make sure to get the right pick. Also, you should also be mindful of light diffusion. While it’s essential to get as much sunlight as possible into your greenhouse, it shouldn’t be directed straight at your seedlings.

Before making a major commitment to your property, such as a greenhouse, you need to take into consideration some other factors beyond the materials. For instance, you need to check if your area requires a building permit for structures like greenhouses.

Also, because benches and shelving are often sold separately, you need to keep this mind while planning your budget. If the area where you’re planning to build one is situated in full sun, you may have to purchase some shade cloths as well.

Finally, make sure to get the right size of wheelbarrow so that it fits right through your door.

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