Man riding a bull in a rodeo event

Get the Dress Code Right When Attending a Rodeo

Attending a rodeo allows you to meet and socialize with other people who are enthusiasts of the sport. It’s also an opportunity to break your western fashion wear and step out in style.

As with any sporting event, rodeo fans attend these functions for ambiance and socializing. You really can’t ignore the gravel crunching under your boots, the scent of popcorn, and the crazy energy that comes for the arena. The mad dash of the pickup men to rescue a fallen rider from the wrath of a raging bull only fuels the excitement.

A rodeo gives you the chance to flaunt women’s western vests that compliment your floral dresses and matching boots. You can step out in style as you meet up with other fans and cheer for the brave men who take on the magnificent beasts.

Get the boots right

Whether you’re a newbie or a rodeo regular, you need to look the part when showing up for an event. When dressing up for such an occasion, you stand from the feet going upwards. That’s right; the first order of business is to pick the best rodeo boots. When stepping out for a rodeo, give those knee-high numbers a pass in favor of the sexy mid-calve boots. Real leather boots with a bit of accent stitching give you a bit of an edge. You can have the option of going with boots with pointy or squarish toes, depending on your preference. If you have the budget, go for high-end boots as they are impeccably crafted and will last you for years.

Break out your best denim

Cowboy in denim jacketA rodeo is a fashion-forward event, and you might want to break out your nicer jeans. So, you want to give your old and saggy pairs a break when stepping ours for such events. Go for a comfortable pair that hugs you just right to draw some attention.

A pair of dark denim jeans will help make your shirt and vest colors pop and will complement your boots. If you have a thing for bling jeans, especially those on the back pocket, now is the time to take them out for a ride as they are appropriate.

You’re better off avoiding jeans with excessive ripping as they tend to mar the chic and sophisticated look. Although denim is available in other colors, blue is the unofficial color of the rodeo.

Hold on to the hat

For the most authentic look, you can’t go wrong with cowboy hats from a reputable company such as Stetson. These happen to set the bar in cowboy hats as they are crafted to last you a lifetime.

Alternatively, you can opt for high-quality wool felt hats, especially when you have kids. Crushable wool felt hats can withstand just about any abuse from your kids and still go back to its original shape.

Attending a rodeo gives you a chance to step out in style and flaunt your fashion. The high-energy event is an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow cowboys and girls. Therefore, you want to look your best as you socialize with your friends or cheer for your favorite riders.

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