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Get a Carport Without Incurring a Boatload of Trouble

Tim Ryan’s decision to build one of the best carports in Sunshine Coast caused him sleepless nights. After demolishing an existing house to create a new one, he thought to splash an impressive $30,000 on the carport for his vehicles.

Of course, the results were spectacular, and he even doubled his parking space. Unfortunately, a neighbour complained to the city council, triggering an investigation where Tim was found flouting the law. A hearing followed, but he was lucky when the judge ruled in his favour.

Stringent Requirements

Under Australia’s Building Code, carports, sheds, and garages are non-habitable buildings. The law requires that you submit a building application before commencing with construction. The only way you can skip the process is if the building is self-assessable.

You won’t need a permit if the total area of the finished structure measures less than 10 square metres and is not more than 2.4 metres high. The height should not be more than 2.1 metres, and the length on any side should not exceed 5 metres.

However, even when you build it yourself, you need to pay attention to the property setbacks. In this case, the structure should be at least six metres from the road frontage. Adhering to these requirements increases your chances of getting the go-ahead to build your carport.

Good for Your Property Value

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You really can’t afford to hold the council zeal in regulating such structures against them for it works in your favour as well. Improper and unsuitable developments can pose a danger to the resident and can water down the neighbourhood. Once, you’ve gotten the nod, it’s time to put up the carport.

Plenty of Options

You have a myriad of designs to pick from as well as a wealth of materials to use. If you live in a relatively windy area, you can opt for aluminium or steel carports. Metallic structures can withstand strong winds as well as the piling snow. Since they are durable, they will serve you for a long time, long enough to get a high ROI.

Other construction materials include wood and prefabs. Such structures make the better option compared to renting storage space for seldom-used vehicles, such as RVs or trailers.

You can have one that complements your house and improves the curb appeal. If attaching the carport to the house, you need to get the design right. Angled roof makes the best choice when the carport abuts the house as the roof only need to touch the wall then slope downwards. If the area receives lots of rain, go for a gabled or angled roof.

Carports make a valuable addition to your home. In addition to keeping your car safe from the elements, it also improves the curb appeal of your home. You only need to be sure that you heed the building regulations and get the necessary permits. You have a broad choice of building designs and materials to pick from when looking to make a carport. Therefore, you can choose one that keeps your car safe while improving the value of your home.

Many people leave their expensive cars at the mercy of the elements, and it leads them to incur high running costs. Instead of taking such chances, you can go ahead and build a carport in the home.