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Four Makeup Styles to Match Every Wedding Theme

Hair stylists and makeup artists continue to expand their knowledge on different looks, styles and techniques. These days, the heavy makeup and overdone hair looks have given way to softer, more natural styles. Asian bridal makeup courses, for instance, are in demand because more and more brides are into the ‘less is more’ approach. Asian makeup features light pink or peach tones for the cheeks and a tightly lined waterline to open up the eyes.

Besides the Asian look, there are many other styles that makeup artists can customise for brides. These depend on the theme of the wedding, the venue and the time it will be held. Here are some wedding looks to draw inspiration from.

Fresh and Natural for a Sunset Beach Wedding

For brides who are opting for a sunset beach wedding rather than a glamorous church ceremony, you can do a fresh and natural look. The Asian-inspired look will be a hit here because the theme is simpler, down to earth and relaxed. Beach weddings are usually more intimate with only the closest friends and family members. With this kind of wedding, brides want everything to be natural.

Stick to a sheer foundation, a brow gel and a dusting of pink blush. Add subtle flecks of gold or sultry brown. Smoky pinkish eye compliments sunlight. Add a dab highlighter to make the bride’s face shine and glimmer as the sun touches her face.

Glamorous Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are challenging for any professional makeup artists. This kind of wedding is usually very colourful and artistic. The makeup should also be glamorous but not over the top. It must blend well with the dress, jewellery and accessories used by the bride.

With this wedding, bronze and gold shades are your partners. Eye makeup needs to be heavy and glamorous. Perfect for this style are bronze, gold or silver smoky eyes. The eyeliner needs to be on point and long eyelashes are a must for a Bollywood glam look.

Chic Garden Rustic Wedding

garden wedding

This kind of wedding calls for a combination of natural-looking makeup and a glamorous style. Here, the bride and guests usually wear big, puffy sleeves, and designs are nature-like. With all the browns in the wedding theme, the makeup should have a little more colour to bring attention to the bride.

Add lively colours to the bride’s face. It can be ballet-pink or maroon-red lips, plus a ruby eyeliner. You can also achieve a combination of metallic lips, glittery eyes and highlighted cheekbones.

Goddess Look for a Fall Wedding

Weddings in fall are among the most magical scenes. If the bride wants to look and feel a goddess on her big day, you can perfectly do so with a fall garden wedding. The highlights and eye shadow must be shimmery but soft. Go for a confident look by adding a little glow on the inner corner of the bride’s eyes, cheekbones and brow bones.

Planning a wedding should be perfect up to the tiniest details, and these include hair, makeup and accessories. Doing makeup for the bride can be a little more demanding, but learning new techniques from short courses or workshops helps makeup artists improve their skills. Knowing how to play with different looks and styles also make them more versatile and allow them to attract more clients from all walks of life.

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