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Decorating Your Walls to Match the Interior Design

Paintings, blown-up photos, and other wall hangings give that elegant touch to your overall home design. The perfect wall art draws the eye immediately, makes your space look put together, and creates a more inviting atmosphere.

Looking for the right pieces and getting them installed may take a lot of effort. Some may even see it as a complicated, intimidating project. But it’s definitely worth the trouble considering the amount of improvement it can do to your home. A well-chosen and placed artwork can truly transform your space.

But unless you’re an artist, an art curator, or a gallery owner, chances are getting the right pieces may not come naturally for you. Going to galleries and scouting potential art pieces for your home may throw you off at first. As it turns out, selecting art for your home is a lot less challenging if you know a few simple rules. Here are some of them:

When it comes to wall art, size matters

If you’re not particular about sizing, making the right choice can get tough. Before you step out of your home, make sure you’ve measured the wall you’re planning to turn into your statement area. To make the process simpler, start your search for wall art with a chosen size in mind. If you’re decorating an entire room, bigger is better. Many homeowners find it more manageable to start with bigger pieces and gradually work their way. Once you see your space starting to look more pulled together, you can slowly add more but be careful not to make it look cluttered.

Colors also matter

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For many, art usually means a splash of color, so this is the primary factor people largely consider when choosing art pieces. The process seems more complex than what it truly is because many homeowners struggle to find something that perfectly matches the other existing colors in the room. While this method isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are other methods available.

Everything doesn’t always have to match, so step up your game and go for something that’s entirely opposite of what’s already in your room. Going for a monochromatic piece isn’t a terrible choice either. The important thing to keep in mind is to have something that enhances the space, and while color choice is the easiest route, you don’t have to feel all stressed out trying to match them all.

Buy what you love and be bold

Home decors certainly follow some rules of designs, whether it’s about buying neutral couches or going for stylish laminate flooring for your Orange County home. But when it comes to your walls, it’s the perfect opportunity to go all out and choose something eclectic or irrational. Remember that art is an expression of individuality through texture, content, and colors. If a piece doesn’t make you feel blissful or relaxed, don’t hang it on your wall. Choose art at the heart level. For additional artistic statements, explore sculptures and rugs as well.

Keep this in mind: the right art piece will certainly tug at your heartstrings, so make the right choice. If you’re unsure about something, you can always get the help of professionals.