Employees smiling at the camera

Creative Employee Benefits for Your Team

“What are the benefits?” This is one of the top questions an interested applicant asks before accepting a job offer. In fact, one out of three millennials has turned down a job offer because the health benefits weren’t up to scratch. Give your employees a robust health benefit. On top of that, offer these unique, creative employee perks that will set you apart from other companies out there:

1. Let them work from home

It’s 2019, there’s high-speed Internet at home, there are laptops, and there’s the problem with traffic. Letting your team work from home a few days per week isn’t going to hurt your business. In fact, it’s a great way to ease the burden of going to work for them, keep their stress within acceptable levels, boost their productivity, and relay the message that you’re a cool, open-minded boss.

2. Keep your team fit with a fitness program

Did you know? Seventy-three percent of employers are now offering wellness-focused perks. It doesn’t have to cost that much. You can start by getting a weekly walking group together to take a quick lunchtime stroll. Take this one step further and look for fitness programs in Seattle that you can get for a discount. For example, you can look for personal training services in Fremont that will give your team a fitness program that suits their schedule and lifestyle habits. This can also be a way to bond after work.

3. Encourage professional and personal skill building

Manager doing coachingWhen your employees develop in one area of their lives, it can positively impact your business. You can offer a yearly stipend for learning activities such as classes or conferences. You can also host quarterly seminars where experts can come in and speak to the team about a relevant topic.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, you can purchase online classes for your team such as those in Udemy and have regular one-hour watch time with the entire team. You can also go beyond that. Do a survey asking your employees the top skill they want to learn—not necessarily work-related—and offer cheap learning opportunities.

4. Involve your team’s families

As an employer, your concern should also be their personal lives. The state of their personal lives will always spill into their work and oftentimes has a huge impact on their focus and productivity at work. New parents, for example, are on particularly shaky ground as they’re juggling the unfamiliar responsibilities of being a parent and staying sharp at work. You can ease the burden by offering healthy dinner takeouts that they can bring home to their family. Alternatively, you can offer parenting 101 seminars. You can also help out other parents by hosting a kids’ movie night once or twice a month so that parents can go out and enjoy a dinner date.

Employee perks don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be useful and sincere. The core motivation should be enhancing the lives of your employees, so it’s crucial to get to know them, understand their struggles, and think of creative ways to help out.