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Building for the Future

Being a parent is an awesome responsibility, perhaps the biggest responsibility a human can take on. Looking after another living being’s welfare until they can do it for themselves is a complex, exhausting and lengthy process. What happens in those early years lays down patterns for life. There is so much to consider: are they eating the right food, are they getting enough exercise, do they know how to look after their teeth?

Getting a child into a good oral health routine is one way a parent can set them up for adulthood. The first step is to take them to a dentist in Southgate, such as Adams Dental, as soon as the kid is toddling around. While it’s not necessary for them to see the dentist in Southgate themselves at this point, it gets them used to the atmosphere of the dental surgery, they see their parents and siblings having treatment, get to know the staff and know that it’s not a scary place. One of the main reasons that adults don’t go to the dentist is because of negative childhood experiences. Giving them a positive imprint at this young age will serve them well for many years to come.

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As the child grows and needs to have their own dental exam, the dentist in Southgate and the hygienist can explain to them how to brush their teeth effectively and what foods to eat to help keep their teeth healthy. However, this could be fighting a losing battle as kids just love the sweet stuff. If this is the case, or even just as a sensible preventive measure, the dentist in Southgate can offer fissure sealants and fluoride applications.

A fissure sealant coats the teeth to prevent decay from forming. This is particularly useful for the big back teeth that children have difficulty cleaning when they first start brushing their teeth. A fluoride application paints the teeth with this protective chemical to help guard against decay.

The dentist in Southgate can also check whether a child needs braces as young as five these days. This means they can get treatment done before they start the self-conscious adolescent phase, something they will definitely thank mum and dad for.

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