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Beauty Buzz: Can Your Skin Get Immune to Skin Care Routine?

A lot of people start out a new skin care routine with so much excitement and dedication as they see good results. Over time though, they start to notice that it’s not doing that big of a difference anymore. The common question ladies ask when they hit this “plateau” is: has my skin gotten used to the products that they stopped working? It’s understandable to think such. It happens in workout regimens, in pain relievers, even in shampoos (although this last one is still debatable). But when it comes to skincare, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you’d hope for.

Immunity to Skin Care?

So let’s get this out of the way: your skin doesn’t form some tolerance towards products, precisely because there’s no mechanism for that. When you apply creams or oils, the skin receptors take them in, and if the formulation matches your unique skin type, it will do its wonders, regardless of how long you’ve been using them. But — and this is where the exception comes in — it’s also true that some products can render themselves less effective over time. This usually happens on items that have active ingredients retinol and salicylic acid. Your skin may be immune to these over time, so you may need to use products that contain stronger concentrations of these to see results. Of course, you’d have to do it with care and your doctor’s recommendations.

Do note also that you could be mistaking immunity to skin care to the effectiveness of the products used. When you first get into your routine, you see noticeable results immediately. Your skin looks brighter than it was. Your wrinkles aren’t that obvious anymore. You’re more glowing than ever. As the product works further and gives you these benefits, it’s natural for you to see fewer results now, precisely because there’s not much wrinkles or spots to fix. Quit on your routine or go lax a bit, and you’ll see the work you’d have to put in again.

A Switch-up to the Routine

As mentioned, given that some ingredients can become less effective, it’s best to change your skin care regimen now and then. Your very skin also changes, as you age, as you get stressed at work, as you are exposed to different weathers and climates, so you should be able to align your self-care routine with those changing skin needs. Moreover, if you’re looking to achieve a different beauty goal, say, shifting from clearing out pimples to getting that dewy, glowing skin, then yes, a different routine is necessary. This may be the perfect time to give in to those urges to buy Korean skincare (and makeup!). Splurge on getting that ideal glass skin!

The only thing you have to remember when changing your routine is to be very familiar with your skin type. The oils and creams that work for your favorite Instagram influencer may not necessarily work for you. So, it’s essential to consult your doctor for your skin type, as well as check the labels and ingredients of products you’re about to buy. If you can see reviews on Youtube and blogs regarding the items, that will be good prep too. And remember, don’t use a lot of new products all at the same time. Yes, it’s exciting to get the whole set of a new skincare line, but if you use all items at once, it might be hard for you to know how effective each one is and which to lay off, in case of breakouts happen.

How’s Your Skin?

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So again, when it comes to your skin getting ‘immune’ to your care routine, it’s a yes and a no. Nonetheless, it’s best to change your routines as your skin needs dictate.

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