A beautiful view across the River Stour of Westgate and the Guildhall in Canterbury, Kent.

An Overlooked Gem to Start a Tourism Business

Kent, tucked away in southeastern England, is often overlooked as a tourist destination or a place for investment. This is a mistake, as the county has plenty to offer to both tourists and investors. This guide explores the many ways entrepreneurs can take advantage of Kent’s quaint past and booming future.

What Makes Kent Unique

Kent is famously known as the ‘Garden of England’, for its wildlife, greenery, and reputation as a place where kings and queens used to spend the holidays. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in England and combines natural beauty with unique history and culture. It is impossible to separate Kent from its a well-known historical past and associations with King Henry II.

However, it is not lacking in recent history either; from underground WWII tunnels to warships, it caters to every niche interest. It’s famous for the white cliffs of Dover, but explore further and you will find ancient castles and cathedrals, medieval dockyards, a booming wine industry, and a rich music scene. It hosts a number of high-profile music festivals each year. Possibly the best part about Kent is its many small towns, each with its own history and unique opportunities for development.

Positioning is Everything

A great way to position a business in Kent would be to find the ideal location for it. Some parts of the county would be considered saturated, such as Dover, which is already very popular. The best way to go about it would be to choose a place with significance, which is also underrated. One such location would be the town of Tunbridge Wells, which is famous for its hot springs, beautiful countryside, natural flora, and woodlands.

A good business opportunity here would be to set up a countryside estate, as Tunbridge is both historically famous for its nature and is also home to the largest horticultural research center in the UK, the NIAB EMR. It proudly holds on to its native flora, having fought off invasive species outbreaks. With help from local talents such as the many specialized arborists and tree surgeons that Tunbridge Wells has to offer, it can be transformed into the kind of idyllic vacation ground that Queen Anne and Victoria used to visit.

Kent has a great infrastructure for business

Leeds Castle, Kent, England, at dawn, with mist on the lake

This location is just an hour’s drive from London and this makes it the perfect urban getaway or a day trip location for those city-dwellers starved of nature. On the High Speed 1 train, it takes only 17 minutes to get there from London. It also makes for an ideal stopover for tourists off to France, as the channel tunnel connecting England to Europe is located right here, making it a busy maritime route.

The county is famous for supporting startups, having business incubators and millions of pounds of investments in the pipeline. The renowned Kent University and its business school is also located here and provides a support infrastructure for local businesses through research. It has a reputation for innovation in tech and bioscience; therefore, attracting many young professionals. The local government also wants to keep the location lucrative, which is why it is investing in building more integrated road networks and has set aside an Enterprise Zone.

Projections show that Kent is set to grow at a pace that is higher than the national average. This makes it the right time to focus on this part of the country. Already rich in resources, it’s not likely to disappoint.


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