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A Whiter Smile for a Healthier You

Recent studies have suggested that gum disease is linked to cardiovascular disease as well as being point of interest to many health professionals to explain several other factors regarding the condition of a person’s health.

A dentist in Mackay, such as those at Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic in Queensland, expect their patients to attend a regular visit every 6 months to a year so that their oral health can be monitored and a scale and polish can be performed in order to remove any pesky plaque that likes to build up in the nooks and crannies of teeth.

These places are hard to reach with an ordinary toothbrush and by removing the plaque before it becomes more stubborn tartar, teeth and gums stay in a healthier condition for longer.

How can heart disease be linked to oral health?

More research needs to be conducted, but there are several theories that may explain the link that is repeatedly found between oral health and heart disease.

One theory is that inflammation in the gums and mouth can lead to inflammation elsewhere in the body, which may be a contribution factor in heart attacks when the arteries become inflamed.

Poor dental health can also lead to an increase in the risk of a bacterial infection in the bloodstream, affecting heart valves.

Some observational research has concluded that tooth loss is linked with coronary artery disease. There is also a strong connection between diabetes, heart disease and oral health. Those with diabetes benefit immensely from routine and thorough care as they are more prone to gum diseases due to their inability to fight off infection as well as other patients.

What else can a dentist tell about the overall condition of health in a patient?

Dentist showing the patient his dental xray

Stress is a great indicator of oral health, with teeth grinding, or bruxism is an unconscious behaviour commonly seen in stressed out patients.

This can eventually cause bone loss and wear down teeth. Dentists have some equipment that can help patients with this.

It is important for everybody to visit the dentist on a regular basis, and even more so for pregnant women. Gum disease can trigger premature birth due a chemical compound being released that can cause early labour or even negatively affect the fetus.

As a women’s body goes through many hormonal and physical changes throughout this time, even a healthy mouth should be checked up as the ability to fight off plaque, among other things, are affected.

By having a thorough at-home treatment plan that is ideally suited to each patient and visiting the dentist often, patients can enjoy a healthy mouth for life that benefits their whole wellbeing as well. When visiting the dentist, an open and honest discussion takes place that enlightens each patient to their own individual case as well as informs the dentist of a patient’s lifestyle and smile goals.

By working together, both dentist and patient can make these goals become reality.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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