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A Calm and Soothing Transformation for Your Living Quarters

Every room in your house should offer room to breathe. The calming effect of a space depends on numerous elements, including decoration, colour, material, and theme. A forward-thinking interior design company here in Singapore could have some of the answers you are looking for.

What do you want to get out of your investment? You want your home to be a sanctuary – a place where you can hear yourself think; a place where you can stop thinking and just be.


A calming environment gives more than it takes. Oftentimes, the occupants of a house are unaware of the psychological effect of clutter, and the imbalance it creates. A large space full of objects and decorations may feel stifling. In contrast, a small area that is meagre, and stripped of unnecessary items could feel much more spacious.

If you must put decorations in a room, consider putting together a cluster of colours. Instead of placing various objects in every available surface, choose a spot where the eyes can feat of bright hues and textural contrasts.

Putting a cluster of colours at a certain area helps focus the eye and the mind.

The lack of clutter and a place to focus make the space calming and exudes a feeling of comfort.


Add soothing details that invite you to settle down and be quiet. Are you soothed by a smell, or by a particular type of landscape? Do you find yourself relaxed when your skin is in contact with a certain type of fabric?

Ask yourself what activities, objects, and sensations allow you to let go of the tension in your muscles. Sit down and think about the choices you to soothe an inner turmoil. When you know what comforts you, imbue the room with it.

Bring to your home whatever connects you to the ideals of relaxation and the feeling of consolation directly. A photo of a tranquil landscape, linen curtains, or a specific aroma could be your ticket to a much-needed winding-down at the end of a long and challenging workday.


kitchen and living room layout

Assigning specific areas for work, play and relaxation helps foster calm and organised living quarters. A clear layout gives you the freedom to choose what to do at a particular time and allows you to shift from one to another purposefully.

Moreover, organising the available space makes it easier to find things, and to clean up after yourself.

A chaotic pile of clothes, headphones, books, and knickknacks create discord. If you want harmony, allocate zones for specific activities you engage in every day. Assign a technology corner for your laptop and other gadgets. When you need to use your phone go there.

If you want to rest your eyes from too much screen time, leave your gadgets in one corner and proceed to a comfortable nook where your muscles can relax, and where you are not burdened with gadgets or thoughts. Try allocating. It could work wonders!

When you get home after a long day at work, you deserve a space that is calm, soothing, and organised. Your body will benefit, and your mind will thrive in a place that allows you room to breathe and relax.

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