Hospice Care

5 Services Offered by Hospice Care

Modern medical treatments have advanced, but sometimes a patient will not or cannot pursue to cure a condition or life-limiting disease. Consequently, hospice care services offer a specialized form of treatment that aims at offering comfort to patients and maintaining the quality of life. Hospice care services use a holistic approach that addresses the emotional, social, and physical well-being of patients suffering from terminal illnesses.

Hospice care offers treatment to manage pain and the symptoms of terminal diseases, unlike home health care. The services provided by hospice care are based on the needs of a patient as well as what the patient and the family require. Consequently, the services offered can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of a patient and the family. There are services offered by hospice care that you can personalize when you decide to receive it.

Nursing Care

Hospice care assigns a nurse to a patient who visits him or her one to three days a week. Also, patients can call their nurses at any time of the day or night when they need help because they are assigned an on-call nurse who is available 24/7. Nursing care services under hospice care entail monitoring the condition of a patient, administering medication, offering health support, and controlling pain.

Medical Social Services

Hospice care also offers medical social services to patients suffering from terminal illnesses. The facilities are run medical social workers who offer an array of services to the patients such as locating community resources and counseling to assist the family and patients. The social worker who is assigned to the patient helps him or her with the social and emotional needs.

Doctor Services

doctor services

The other service provided by hospice care is assigning a doctor to each patient. Doctor services are essential in designing the plan of care that suits the medical needs of a patient. The doctor determines the plan of care then liaises with the hospice care team. The doctor considers the health condition of the patient to personalize the treatment plan.

Bereavement Support

Hospice care services do not end after the patient has died. Hospice care also entails supporting the family members of the bereaved during the mourning process. Essential hospice care services in Indiana offer bereavement support including medical referrals, counseling, and support groups. Hospice care services also entail following up with the family for a year after the death of a patient.

Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy

Patients sometimes lose their ability to carry out basic daily tasks as the terminal illness progresses. Patients are sometimes not able to dress or feed without help. Speech, physical, or occupational therapists help patients find ways to accomplish lost functions.

Hospice care is suitable for terminally ill patients with not more than six months to live. Studies reveal that patients who seek hospice care services live happier lives than those who do not. The best part is that the services can be personalized to your needs. Also, hospice care offers additional services besides the ones discussed in this article.

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