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5 Great Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Like New

Your jewelry isn’t just a beautiful and expensive piece of accessory. For many people, it’s a meaningful keepsake that symbolizes loving relationships and strong family ties. Whether you’ve inherited an heirloom wristwatch or looking to buy white gold wedding bands for her, you should know how to maintain your jewelry. To get you started, here are five ideas that will help keep your jewelry looking new.

Get Professional Cleaning and Checkups for Your Jewelry

Jewelers recommend taking your jewelry for cleaning every six months. However, it’s also generally acceptable to have your necklaces, bracelets, wrist watches, and rings cleaned once a year. Aside from keeping it sparkly and clean, your jeweler will also examine its condition to check for damage or wear.

For instance, you may not notice if your ring’s prongs have been slightly loosened. When this happens, the precious stone may fall off. Your jeweler will tighten it to make sure it stays in place. Other delicate pieces like designer watches generally need major repairs every five to seven years. Don’t wait for severe damage to occur before having your jewelry checked.

Remove Your Jewelry Whenever You’re Cleaning or Cooking

It’s a common misconception that jewelry is resistant to all sorts of elements. After all, if your jewelry is made of tough materials like metal, gold or diamonds, you might think it can withstand scratches. However, this is not true at all. A lot of things can actually ruin your jewelry’s finish, causing it to develop unsightly stains.

For example, many household cleaning products contain corrosive ingredients that will definitely stain and ruin your jewelry. Those ingredients can even burn your skin, so always wear protective gloves. Moreover, even cooking oils have been known to stain metals.

Before you remove your wedding band or bracelet to do those chores, make sure to place it in a safe and secure place. Make it a habit and you’ll get used to placing it in a safe place before doing chores.

Avoid Applying Cosmetics While Wearing Jewelry

Cleaning products aren’t the only things that can damage your jewelry. Even the ingredients in your perfume, lotion, makeup remover, or hair product can damage your jewelry’s finish. Over time, cosmetics react to metal alloy, gold, and silver, causing stains or discoloration on its surface.

What’s the best thing to do? Make sure to apply your cosmetics before wearing those expensive pearl earrings or diamond necklace. Your jewelry should be the last thing you’ll wear on your body before you head out of the door.

Keep Jewelry Away from Light and Heat

Did you know that exposure to heat and sunlight can damage your jewelry? This is especially true for many gemstones like topaz, amethyst, and shell cameos. The colors eventually fade with repeated sun exposure. Even pearl jewelry and delicate pieces with ivory are not immune to this damage. Gems like amber, on the other hand, can seriously darken when exposed to too much light.

However, the worst thing that can happen is gem fracture. Heat can take away the natural moisture in gems, eventually making them dry and prone to cracking. If you’re planning to go on a sunny backpacking trip or a beach vacation, avoid wearing bracelets and earrings with precious stones.

Store Your Jewelry Properly

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Another reason necklaces, earrings, and wedding bands get damaged is poor storage. Just think, when was the last time you placed your earrings in a proper jewelry box? Did your necklace get tangled up again? Don’t just leave them on top of your dresser or bedside table.

Storing your jewelry correctly will also help you avoid losing them. Remember, when it comes to necklaces, always make sure to close the clasp and hang them properly. This prevents it from getting knots and damages on the chain. If you still don’t have a place to hang your necklace, it’s time to get a special necklace tree for proper storage.

If you want your jewelry to last, remember these five important tips. To give you a recap, make sure to take your jewelry pieces for annual cleaning and inspection. It’s also important to avoid wearing these while doing chores or applying cosmetics and perfume. To avoid discoloration of precious gems, keep your jewelry away from heat and direct sunlight. Moreover, don’t forget to store them properly. Finally, for all your jewelry needs, make sure to go to a trusted jeweler for quality cleaning and repairs.