Where to Look for Job Applicants for Your Company

Job applicants can pretty much make a career tailored to their preferences. With job titles that did not exist in the past, it’s impossible to define where opportunities end. It’s all good on paper, but overlapping positions make it hard for companies to find the staff they need. One particular job can go with several

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Woman holding her midsection

Shedding the Light on Abnormal and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

A woman’s monthly menstrual cycle ought to be regular, with intervals of 24 to 38 days. Typically, a monthly period lasts for about eight days on average, and a woman loses no more than two tablespoons of blood. Some women have atypical periods, characterized either by shorter or longer length or by a change in

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recycled plastic blocks

Efficient and Cost-Effective Architecture Materials: ETFE and Polycarbonate

Plastic is an underrepresented and under-appreciated material in the architecture world. It was only recently that the design industry had begun to see lightweight plastic polymers as a suitable type of primary material. There is now a growing understanding of the benefits of using plastic for a wider range of products. Technological innovations and advancements

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a garden

Design Elements of a Healing Garden

Healing gardens are therapeutic outdoor spaces that help provide many positive effects on mental and physical health. Recent studies have shown that being surrounded by green landscapes allows people to connect with nature which can help improve mood, reduce stress and increase happiness and sense of well-being. Many urban communities as well as industries, especially

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Why Do Kids Need to Develop Creativity?

Creativity is important in child development. It's essential for problem-solving. Without creativity, children will grow up not knowing how to think outside the box, which could limit their options in life. Nurturing creativity starts in the home, but it should continue in school. Encouraging Creativity  Creativity is a natural, immeasurable ability. As teachers, what you

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